Joker and Harley Wedding Shoes

Joker and Harley Wedding Shoes

Someone beat me to it! I’ve always been a Joker x Harley fan and admittedly have dreamt of a Joker-Harley themed wedding (handpainted wedding shoes at least!), so imagine my excitement when I got an email from a client who … Continue reading

Pope Francis’ Tacloban Mass Homily | Watercolor and typography


Woke up late and my fb newsfeed is filled with bright and heartwarming posts (very rare if you tell me! Since people normally post rants and sarcastic posts most of the time). Immediately searched for #PopeFrancis’ #tacloban mass homily and the rest is a mix of ugly cry, a joyful heart, and so much hope. Srsly, @Pontifex, no matter how he thinks he lacks the words to say, have said the most powerful of words. You can definitely feel the #mercyandcompassion, the genuineness of his love for the Filipino people, especially those who have gone through so much during the #YolandaPH. God bless your heart, Pope Francis! The #Philippines is so blessed to have felt and witnessed your love! ♥♥♥

“So many of you have lost everything. I don’t know what to say to you. But the Lord does know what to say to you. Some of you have lost part of your families. All I can do is keep silence and walk with you all with my silent heart.

Many of you have asked the Lord – why lord? And to each of you, to your heart, Christ responds with his heart from the cross. I have no more words for you. Let us look to Christ. He is the Lord. He understands us because he underwent all the trials that we, that you, have experienced.”

Mockingjay | Handpainted Shoes

Mockingjay | Handpainted Shoes

I have never been a fan of the Mockingjay, or any of the Hunger Games books/movies for that matter. I have nothing against it tho, I just happen to have a different taste in books/movies. So when a client asked … Continue reading



Only a few days more before Pope Francis visits the Philippines! Everyone’s on their toes and are so excited to welcome this lovable and holy guest. Although I may not be in Manila (and breathe the same polluted air as the Pope himself) since I’m here in Cebu celebrating the festive and ever colorful Sinulog, this is my way of showing how giddy excited I am that the Pope is coming: a pair of custom handpainted Pope Francis X PH Map shoes. I’ve been wanting to create something for the Pope since I first heard that he’ll be visiting our humble country and thankfully, a client asked for a pair that would pay homage to our beloved santo papa. So there. I’m a happy painter. I just hope that the Pope sees my work (ok, am I asking for too much?) and appreciates the effort and the love I put into creating this pair.

I was also blessed to have been featured in ABS-CBN Cebu’s Maayong Buntag Kapamilya (well, not really me but this pair of custom pope shoes). I got to paint live (which for the most part was nerve-wracking) and to share my thoughts on Pope Francis. I srsly love this pope so much I am not even kidding! The simplicity of his actions are simply humbling. How he acts and how he stands on trivial issues astound me in a good way. He shows compassion and shows us how simple and easy it is to do. He is the Pope who walks the talks and sets a very good example. And I love the fact that he does selfies too! Makes him closer to the younger generation (who I think needs his guidance and inspiration most). Anyways, I’m really thrilled that he’s coming in 2 days time! I just feel a little sad tho that I won’t be there to see him… although I know for a fact that we don’t really need to see him in person to be holy — just his sincerity and mere examples are enough.

So yeah, welcome to the Philippines, Pope Francis! Maligayang pagdating! Mahal na mahal ka namin! ♡♡♡

Sinulog 2015 Fever!


Just a few days from now is one of the Philippines’ biggest and most colorful and lively festivals: Sinulog in Cebu City. And it’s actually my first time (for the longest time) to be back here at my hometown and experience this amazing celebration live! And so to mark this “homecoming” I have released a limited edition line of Sinulog shoes and sandals. My take on this neon color-crazy occasion. *wink wink*

These one-of-a-kind Sinulog footwear are 100% locally sourced: handmade by artisan footwear makers of Carcar and handpainted by yours truly. I’m honestly so excited about this line… and even more excited for Sinulog 2015! Viva Pit Senyor! 🙂

For inquiries about the Sinulog shoes and slippers/sandals, kindly hit us up at our official facebook page:

Thank you, 2014!


It’s been a long and great year! Thankful for all the challenges, learnings, and new experiences gained. Also to all those who trusted me and my shoepainting skills. For all those who believed in me and my works and helped me make that huge leap of faith — saying goodbye to corporate work and embracing the life of a full-time artist. 2014 was long and full of struggles. It was also full of learnings and relearnings. Of realizations and new-found wisdom. Saying goodbye and thank you to the year that was, and jumping giddily with joy for another awesome year to conquer.

Here’s to more adventures and misadventures, to failing and learning more, to breaking more barriers and comfort zones. 2015 will be an awesome, action-filled, and colorful year and I’m already claiming it! Happy 2015, errbody! 😉

The Hulk X Captain America | Hand painted sneakers


Being a self taught artist and one-of-the-boys, the Marvel superheroes have always been my staple illustration subjects growing up. Maybe that’s why I find this kind of commissioned work a delight and a comfort zone. But as they say, life starts at the end of your comfort zone. And so I always welcome unfamiliar, new, and challenging commissions with open arms. Coz that’s how you grow as an artist. 🙂

Gryffindor X Snitch | Custom Hand painted Shoes


Just after that delightful experience painting the Marauder’s Map, it seems like the Harry Potter universe has favored me with another commissioned order. Only now it’s a Gryffindor X Golden Snitch pair of custom hand painted Toms. These Harry Potter commissions are a breath of fresh air from the usual Avengers or Marvel/DC custom shoes that I usually make. Hope to serve more HP orders in the future! 🙂

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map | Handpainted Shoes

BeFunky_Photo-1902I’m honestly not so much of a Harry Potter fan but I was glad that one of my clients asked for a Marauder’s Map design on her custom handpainted shoe order. It was fun painting and drawing the tiny details. Notice the dirty marble-y effect on the background? It was actually an accident — a beautiful accident at that since it made the design look a little more old map-looking and legit. The drawing wasn’t fully dry and I sort of smudged it over to the background. So in an attempt to clean it up, I mixed paint and it was a shade darker than the base paint. I found it interesting and so I just made the same effect on the other parts –thus the marble-y feel. Oh, beautiful accidents. 🙂

Wet, soaked awesome shoes are still awesome.. just wet.

Photo-1871 It’s rainy season (typhoon season to be exact) again here in the PH and so my shoes are all soaked wet and a little muddy too. But who wouldn’t want to walk around (nevermind the cold and squeaky water inside them shoes) with these lovelies?